Supplier Registration

Supplier registration without the frustration

Designed with suppliers in mind, DriveSRM makes connecting with your company simple and easy. The user-friendly, self-service portal allows users to complete the registration process at their own pace and never times them out. If a supplier needs a break to locate a document or validate information, they can simply save their profile and log back in at a later time to finish. A simplified registration process means a more positive user experience for the valuable companies that support your business every day.

Better supplier data means better purchasing decisions

Capturing complete and accurate information about prospective suppliers during registration helps you make smarter, more informed buying decisions later. Customized forms allow you to build robust profiles for every supplier, while at the same time, eliminating duplicates in your database and identifying suppliers that do not meet company criteria. Save administrative time by collecting this information once, and storing it for all lines of business to access.

Get the full picture on every supplier including:

  • Diversity status
  • Tax ID numbers
  • Parent/child relationships
  • Certifications
  • Insurance policies
  • 1099 forms
  • Geographic locations
  • Commodity codes

Supplier Engagement

Create, store, and search all supplier contracts

Manage all of your supplier contracts in a searchable, enterprise-wide platform. DriveSRM allows you to build contract templates with standardized terms and conditions to ensure that company requirements are being met across the organization. With its simple the drag and drop functionality, users can set up logic-based, workflows that enforce rules and dependencies for each project milestone (e.g., non-disclosures are signed before contracts are distributed).

Keep supplier profiles up to date

Having a large, diverse supplier base is only a competitive advantage if you can quickly engage your suppliers when you need them. Expired licenses, insurances and other documents can lead to sourcing delays and missed business opportunities. DriveSRM’s email alerts help you stay ahead of document expirations and keep profiles up to date. Users can customize the when the notifications are sent according to business rules—30 days prior, 60 days prior, etc.

DriveSRM delivers value by helping you:

  • On-board and engage only approved, qualified suppliers
  • Promote competition among suppliers
  • Enforce contract and rate standards
  • Shorten buying time
  • Manage contract milestones
  • Track document versions and histories


Maneuver tighter searches

DriveSRM delivers unprecedented visibility into your entire supply base, globally or locally, to help you select the best suppliers for every engagement. Its comprehensive search engine allows users to conduct searches for qualified suppliers based on strict parameters.

Search options include:

  • Diversity status
  • Certifications
  • Geographic locations
  • Commodity codes
  • Industrial classifications
  • Invite codes
  • Engagements
  • Insurance policies

DriveSRM allows users to customize down options for the following fields:

  • Address types
  • Company revenue range
  • Ownership type
  • Corporate structure
  • Company relationships
  • Site security clearance
  • Currency types
  • Tax ID types

Create custom commodity codes

DriveSRM can be configured to utilize the standard procurement classification systems used by most businesses for identifying suppliers and categorizing spend: UNSPCS and NAICS. Unlike other products on the market, DriveSRM has the flexibility to accommodate your own, internal, multi-level code system so that you can run simple or complex sourcing initiatives in any category.


The path to deeper business analysis starts here

Get the full picture of how you’re performing against important corporate objectives such as supplier utilization, contract negotiations, supplier diversity and inclusion, risk management, and overall spend. Access detailed, historical information about every supplier relationship including how and when they first connected with your organization.

DriveSRM’s report wizard makes it easy for users create and schedule reports where they are able to define:

  • Report frequency
  • Format file - Word, Excel, PDF, HTML
  • Filtered output
  • Report distribution list

DriveSRM’s reporting suites include:

  • Role-based dashboard reports
  • Standard reports
  • Ad hoc reports
  • Quick reports
  • Favorite reports

Configuration Flexibility

Customization that maximizes ROI

Your branding, your workflows, and your nomenclature are the building blocks that make up your unique corporate culture. As a best practice, these elements should steer how your technology performs—not the other way around. DriveSRM is highly flexible and can be configured to match your existing environment to enhance user adoption and maximize ROI.

DriveSRM allows you to customize:

  • User interface, color schemes and skins
  • User roles and permissions
  • Status change parameters
  • Email notifications
  • Supplier profile and engagement workflows
  • Document workflows and expiration rules
  • Supplier qualification templates
  • Languages and currencies
  • Drop down selection fields for each country
  • Internal commodity codes

Start Your Engines

Get ready to shift into a whole new gear

DriveSRM provides one of the fastest, easiest implementations, yet delivers lasting results that are transformative to your procurement organization. Our professional services team can assist with implementation as much or as little as needed to ensure that there is no interruption of business and that you enjoy all the benefits of a centralized procurement tool.

Gain even more value by fully integrating DriveSRM with any of your existing ERP or P2P systems such as:

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • JD Edwards
  • BAAN
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Epicor

We’re here for the long haul

Our support does not end after the initial implementation. Our interactive help desk is available to provide you with ongoing support with technical and functional questions. User manuals and quick reference guides are also provided to ensure a positive user experience.

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